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no. 1 Take your ovulation test strips

no. 2 Read and analyze them with the app

no. 3 Scientifically pinpoint your fertile window

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About the Developers

"We thrive not only with technical challenges but projects with soul"

María Rodríguez

Engineer, MS, PhD


"Our main goal is to put technology at the service of people"

Pablo de Arquer

Engineer, MS

In 2016 our first child was born. Along that journey we learned a lot about fertility and a very useful and inexpensive tool, ovulation test strips. However, those tests were not always easy to read and the trying to conceive community knows it well. As engineers, we felt that there was something else that could be done to help people fulfill their dreams of being a parent, and that is how Fertility Test Analyzer app was created. We spent much time and effort in developing this project, taking huge chunks of our free time. But we did it gladly!

If you are reading this, probably you are trying to conceive too. We hope our app helps you as much at it has helped others!