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How does it work?


Take a pic of your ovulation or pregnancy test strip

The app gives you the % of pigmentation and determines your fertile window based on your hormone levels.


Read results in an easy way

Its image processing algorithm reads the ovulation and pregnancy test strips, interprets their results and shows them in an easy and understandable way.

Mobile Phone

View your hormone levels in charts

See tendencies that help you get pregnant fast, especially if you have PCOS or irregular cycles, when ordinary ovulation calendars and trackers are not so helpful.


Your data safely saved

Keep pictures of your tests safely stored in your mobile phone and review them even if Internet access is not available.

Easy and convenient

The only app that helps you properly interpret both ovulation and pregnancy test strips by giving the % of pigmentation

Save money, get results

Don't need extremely expensive devices, just cheap test strips that you can buy in bulk and your phone

Take advantage of technology

With our innovative computer vision algorithm you can pinpoint your fertile window and track your early pregnancy days

The Method

The Method

The Ovulation Test Method is the only one based on real measurements of your hormone levels, not predictions.

Ovulation Tests

Ovulation Tests

Ovulation test strips are a great tool to help you conceive fast. They are cheap and really reliable.

Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy Tests

You can see a possitive from day 7 after ovulation if you use sensitive pregnancy test strips.

The App

The App

Reads and analyzes the tests, pinpointing your fertile window with scientific accuracy, when the probabilities of conceiving are at their peak.

Hormones & Body

Hormones & Body

Not all bodies behave the same. We give you an insight into the hormones because knowledge is power.

PCOS & Irregular Cycles

PCOS & Irregular Cycles

Unlike ovulation calendars, the Ovulation Test Method can be used by women with PCOS or irregular periods.

User community

What users say about Fertility Test Analyzer

"I always was a bit confused when reading the results of a test strip, but this app works just great! It tells you the exact value of the test line and what it means. So no more expensive tests for me. Thanks!"

- Laura

"Trying to conceive with PCOS was a nightmare, and this app helped me a lot! Not only reads the tests accurately, it also makes possible comparing results to see trends in your data. Highly recommended!"

- Maria

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